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Fire Losses / Smoke Losses Lightning Water Damage Losses Earthquake Losses Sinkholes Burglary / Robbery / Vandalism Rain / Windstorm Losses

  • Hail Damage
  • Hurricane Damage
  • Tornado Damage
  • Water Damage

Plumbing Leaks / Broken Pipes Mold Damage Commercial / Business Claims Employee Dishonesty Losses Business Interruption Claim Mechanical Breakdown Losses Property in Transit / Cargo Condominium Claims

A FREE Insurance Property inspection  educates the homeowner or business owner to situations that may lead to larger financial compensation. We evaluate your policy for coverage and inspect your home and claim, this may entitle you to receive further compensation.

We determine if your insurance company owes you money. You will be surprised by what is actually covered. Millions of people hire  accountants come tax time. Millions will hire ALPINE PUBLIC ADJUSTERS for the same reasons. If you decide that you want us to help you, we work on contingency fee basis. Simply put, we only get paid if and when you get paid, therefore you have nothing to lose.

We only get paid if and when we get you paid!

We’re licensed by the state and we make sure insurance companies treat people fairly. We get the owners maximum compensation for the damages. Think about it now, disasters don’t take the place of your normal family responsibilities, they add to it. You can take comfort in the knowledge that  a Public Adjuster is there to protect your interest if indeed the unthinkable has happened to you. We will help you understand what will be required to document your claim and work with you to expedite the presentation of it. We will assist you in the valuation of your claim with assistance from unbiased professionals.

If you have already submitted a claim to your insurance company and have received a settlement, do not worry, we offer a free review of the insurance company’s settlement offer. Generally, we have found that the settlements provided by insurance companies are much less than what you are entitled to receive. If that is the case, many times we can have your claim reopen and get additional benefits. Keep in mind that there are time limitations so time is of the essences. Even if you loss has been denied. We ask that you call us to review your coverage and the insurance companies findings. Often times we are able to get the insurance company to reverse their denial and commit to coverage.


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