We all know the saying “the devil is in the details”

Filing a claim on your own is like filing a lawsuit without a lawyer.

There are many things that we will do for you immediately. These include:

  • Notify your insurance company
  • Arrange temporary or long term housing
  • Minimize your loss (by arranging for a restoration company to vent smoke, remove excess water, and board up windows, doors and roofs that were damaged.)
  • Arrange for emergency funds from your insurance carrier
  • Evaluate existing insurance policies in order to determine what coverage may be applicable to a claim
  • Research, detail, and substantiate damage to buildings and contents and any additional expenses
  • Evaluate business interruption losses and extra expense claims for businesses
  • Document your loss; Determine values for settling covered damages
  • Prepare, document and support the claim on behalf of the insured
  • Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on behalf of an insured
  • Re-open a claim and negotiate for more money if a discrepancy is found after the claim has been settled
  • Meet with insurance company representatives, adjusters and/or other experts (Fire Marshals, engineers, Contractors or others who may be needed to determine the cause of your loss and/or extent)
  • Get the maximum settlement from your insurance claim
  • Give you a peace of mind

No claim is too large or too small.

We are available 24/7 at (717) 424-2029, Fax 1-888-805-9780.


Dale Robbins,

New Richmond, OH


(717) 424-2029,
Fax 1-888-805-9780